Autumn Special!

We are offering all of our services, both Business and Technical, at a discounted rate for new and existing clients before the winter chill.

For all contracts and engagements beginning before October 31st, New customers will receive a discount of 10% for the full contract duration, while Existing customers can receive up to an additional 15% discount dependent on the requirements.

For new customers please work around the website to better understand WHY Y@X are, and how we became.  

Y2X can also offer individual consultants in a number of roles required to deliver the outputs of these audits or existing remediation works from other audits and resource gaps for other projects – including Project Management, Business Analysis, IT architecture.

To find out more contact the team directly Lee McFarland, Michael Barrett or Phil Joynson quoting Y2XOCT – or alternatively email the whole Y2X team on ku.x21563400399y@tcO1563400399X2Y1563400399