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IT in the oil and gas industry can be tricky. Having good technical people who are expert in IT’s critical disciplines, Infrastructure, Applications, Cyber Security and Service Delivery isn’t enough. “C” level executives who oversee IT budget and team performance are often left feeling that they aren’t quite getting the most performance in that area that they could. Yet closing the gap between a CFO or CEO’s understanding of what the business needs and the technical capabilities of what their IT team can provide can be troublesome.

Recently a CFO for mid-sized oil and gas company turned to Y2X to talk about IT strategy and to find a way to augment their existing IT team with resources that could help close the IT/Business gap and articulate a 3-5 year IT strategy. Managing critical infrastructure and operations, often spread across multiple countries and continents, leads to multiple challenges both in terms of systems and network integration and security. Y2X was therefore well positioned to put forward seasoned IT veterans who understand how to balance cyber security requirements against requirements for knowledge sharing, collaboration and cost control.

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