Every business in the UK (that uses personal information on EU citizens starting from as little as names and email addresses) now carries a heavy legislative burden.

But the EU General Data Protection Regulation is not the only thing that is pushing ventures to clean up their act on data management.

The GDPR was formulated in response to growing public demand for greater controls on the way digital information is collected, stored and used. Data breaches had become far too common, and consumers were losing faith.

This means that the GDPR is the tip of a large iceberg. The expectations of your customers, staff, suppliers and business partners extend beyond keeping up with the rules.

So what is a DPO?

Every business, to be compliant with legislation and meet the security and privacy expectations of stakeholders, needs a Data Protection Officer.

Many organisations are actually legally obliged to appoint a DPO under the new data legislation. For the rest, it’s simply good business sense.

In a nutshell, it’s someone in your organisation who monitors internal compliance. They are the “go to” person to sort out any data management issues, advise colleagues and champion data control systems.

This could be an existing IT or even HR person for example. Or, you could recruit a DPO. Some smaller organisations have joined forces and jointly funded a shared Data Protection Officer.

What to look for from a DPO

What skills would a Data Protection Officer need?

Certainly, a very good grasp of the GDPR and any other data legislation affecting your business, especially if you operate globally.

They need to be able to apply that knowledge to your specific business operations; maintaining smooth everyday work systems alongside strict compliance. This requires good problem-solving abilities.

Your DPO also needs the confidence and communication skills to “get the job done”, operating right across your company, from the Boardroom to your basic data input.

Who makes the best DPOs?

We believe veterans are ideal candidates. They are calm, great team players and well versed in handling pressure. Project management to tight deadlines will come easier to them.

With training from Y2X, they also have unparalleled GDPR insights they can apply swiftly. Making veterans in the workplace flexible and responsive Data Protection Officers.