Armed forces veterans with trauma-related conditions and an abiding love of rural lifestyles will appreciate the programmes offered by The Veterans Farmable Foundation. Getting back into civilian life and civvy workplaces can be difficult enough, without the ongoing effects of PTSD caused by serving in hostile situations. The Veterans Farmable Foundation is a charity which aims to enhance the well-being and health of participants and their families, if needed.

What does The Veterans Farmable Foundation provide?

The Veterans Farmable Foundation offers a range of programmes geared towards helping other people and participating in countryside-based activities in the South West of England. Typical activities include dry stone walling, animal care, tree planting, horticulture and more.

Experience Days provide opportunities to trial a range of different rural crafts and occupations, some of them offering certification for continuing professional development (CPD) purposes on successful completion.

It’s possible to enrol for Experience Days on an individual basis or to take them en route to the full residential programme.

The residential programme is a six to 12-week group course, held at a variety of scenic locations. All groups benefit from the support of a mentor and a counsellor will also be on hand.

The schedule for a typical day in the residential programme will entail group breakfast meetings with mentors from the organisations supporting the programme, followed by the allocation of group activity tasks. All groups will be supported by a mentor throughout their day’s work. Lunch is provided at the work site and some of the partner organisations include local estates and farms, equine enterprises and Duchy and Bicton colleges. Local colleges are also active partners in the programme offered by The Veterans Farmable Foundation and can offer the professional or vocational training required to take participants forward into the workplace. A variety of social events are also planned during residential stays and families are welcomed to these events.

All participants in the residential programme have access to a local GP, mentor and support worker/counsellor throughout their stay.

You can find out more about The Veterans Farmable Foundation on their website.

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