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Business Services

Business Services

The business services we provide run the gamut from helping you to foresee, interpret and plan for challenges and opportunities to handling the actual management and delivery of your most difficult projects, and everything in between:

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs using a variety of techniques, including looking at internal and external factors in your organisation.

Business Analysts are adept at pulling apart business problems, stakeholder management, improving business processes, writing detailed business requirements, running workshops and creating a range of documentation to ensure that projects succeed.

Project Management

Project Management is a very flexible service that can involve the initiation, planning, execution, control and delivery of an IT project by an internal or external team. The timing, resources and constraints are largely defined by your organisation and its challenges, as are the products, services or other results that make up the delivery phase.


A good project management office is the source of a great deal of support, and is often the one thing on which all other processed depend. When Y2X works as your PMO, we provide truly world class planning, portfolio management, project management, reporting and methodology for your entire organisation.


You probably have some idea of what you’ll need to do to comply with Europe’s new raft of data privacy regulations. However, you might not know precisely how to achieve all of these new standards effectively, efficiently, and quickly. That’s where Y2X can help. We have experienced, qualified professionals, who have worked on countless GDPR remediation projects, ready to help your organisation.

Managed DPO Service

For many companies, dedicating a full time headcount to the DPO role is impractical. That’s where Y2X’s DPO service can help. For a modest annual fee, you gain access to Y2X’s team of GDPR technical and legal experts who are constantly scanning the international landscape looking for clues and trends in how GDPR is being enforced across multiple jurisdictions. We then meet with your internal GDPR stakeholders once per month to ensure that reasonable effort is being applied toward compliance.

Risk Compliance

Risk compliance is essentially made up those parts of your organisation’s governance apparatus which identify, gauge and respond to various business risks and ensure that the organisation as a whole is operating within any relevant requirements, whether they be regulatory, policy or contract constraints. If you feel your risk compliance apparatus may be letting your organisation down, Y2X can help.